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With the local qualifiers behind us, we have now entered the regional qualifier point of the CSL Super Smash Bros circuit. This means that every team from many different regions that advanced from the local qualifying rounds will be meeting up to play against each other for a chance at the gold.

However, we’re not here to recap this round just yet. Today we’re going to go back and look at a few of the hype moments we witnessed along the way and even a few that took place at the recent regionals round for both Smash Ultimate and Melee to build even more excitement for this round of the circuit.

Honestly, one of my favorite plays of the circuit so far. I’ve got a real soft spot for watching Pokemon Trainer mains that really know the ins and outs of each character attached to him, and Slow really showed that knowledge off during this sick moment. Squirtle’s rushdown was absolutely the perfect choice to counter the zoning and setup game Young Link wants to get going, and we all know about Ivysaur and her offstage killpower. The confirm off of the forward B however, *kisses fingers* perfection!

One of those moments that is short, sweet, and to the point while showing off some awesome reaction time and character knowledge of the player. Bowser’s offstage game is not something that many like to get stuck worrying about, and that was 100% capitalized on. That run up into down-tilt was just clean as all heck, and to optimize that situation into a fair combo was the perfect finish to a great set.

Much like the moment above, this Melee moment is one of those short and sweet highlights, but it’s made even better due to the player cam reactions. The bait and punish on Fox’s recovery by Jigglypuff was great, and who doesn’t love a good rest combo finish? However, the thing that really stands out is the crazy big smile cancel into fistbump cancel from the Jigglypuff player. The Fox player’s surprised reaction to getting hit with the rest makes it all the better.

One of the most hype back and forth moments of the circuit. Both players, Killakel and Earthboundy, were mere percentages away from being eliminated, and in Eartboundy’s last stand to get back on stage, literally everything that can happen in an offstage interaction DID happen. First, a simple get up, punished by Marth’s side B. Oh, what’s next? Air dodge attempt to get back to the edge? Nope, punished by Marth’s fair. PK Thunder low recovery to reach the edge? Nope, punished by Marth’s dow- oh wait, the counter didn’t work. Now we’re both off and under the stage. Oh wait, of course Marth’s up B got him back up while also spiking Earthboundy’s Ness against the bottom of the stage and to his death after a miscalculated PK Thunder recovery attempt.

This Maryland King Dedede player was running amok during this entire local qualifier, so believe me when I say it’s hard to choose a single moment featuring him. Out of each of them though, my favorite would 100% have to be this simple bait and switch he pulled out after getting away with murder against a multitude of different players and surviving on one more stock. After your average Dedede offstage mixup situation, he, of course, throws a side B projectile off the stage, and, once his opponent gets the edge, he takes to the sky and waits for his chance. Once he spots the normal getup, instead of a jump or dodge rolls, he falls back and lands one of the fattest bairs I’ve seen since Ultimate’s release. That hammer smack sound effect gets me every time.

Please watch out for stray Holy Waters and down smashes while trying to get back on stage when in the presence of Richter Belmont.

Not every moment that should be deemed a highlight has to be something that happened in game. At least, that’s what I found out during this local qualifier. During some hilarious commentary banter, one commentator mistakenly calls a relay race a “relate race”. The reaction from his co-commentator is the icing on the cake here because, when I heard, “It’s a relay race first of all!” I nearly lost it before the match even started. I love that this simple mess up literally led to a ton of sidetracking commentary that had nothing to do with the match. Not to mention the classic “That match spoke for itself” save. Literally a moment of pure gold.

Remember Pichu? Well, Pusheen sure does, and he shows that he not only still uses the character, but he has the reads needed to go with the little guy. Throughout this crew finals, UMD was doing great, and Pusheen and his Pichu decided to keep that momentum going full steam ahead. He definitely came through, and this game winning read not only won them the local qualifier, but it won them my heart as well. When I first saw this, I literally gasped. Whether it was a read or a guess, I don’t care. What does matter is that it was nothing but hype.

If you’ve been following the CSL Smash Circuit recaps, then you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Michigan State and their all-star team. So it should be no surprise that they’re showing up on this little highlight reel of ours. Linus was the first player of the circuit that had me ultra-invested in the competition all the way back in October, and I can’t wait to see how he and the rest of his crew stacks up during the regionals. As you can see by his very gutsy but calculated plays while having such a high percent, he is not someone the competition is going to want to be playing around with going into the advancing rounds.

Another player that had me super invested very early on is Poet equipped with his sick Pac Man. Poet is one of those players that you are going to want to take out as early as possible before he gets his shenanigans started. And we all know Pac Man is all about the shenanigans. This clip is nothing but proof for that. Not only do we see a reversal coming from him to get back onstage, but we see the awareness that Poet has during matches to recognize that his opponent missed a tech. He takes this opportunity to throw out his bell and combo into a forward smash to finish off a stock. What a reversal!

If you were unsure that Luigi could compete with the big boy top tiers of Super Smash Bros Melee, then this clip might just help you clear up that misconception. This Luigi player literally took off the inhibitors before this match and took Marth’s first stock in a matter of seconds, ending his sequence off with a backwards wavedash into stock-stealing edgeguard.

Peach loop combos. Need I say more?


Look back on all the CSL Smash circuit action with the VODs on our CSL Twitch channel!


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