SFV University of Michigan Qualifier

The turnout for the first CSL Street Fighter V qualifier may have been small, but that doesn’t change the fact that some great teams came out to compete for a chance to make it to regional qualifiers. Wayne State, Lambton College, Michigan State, and the University of Windsor all came to play, and the talent was definitely evident. In the end, it was Lambton that took home the glory. 

In the grand finals of this event, Lambton and Windsor met in the final stage. Lambton took the entire event with an OCV (one-character victory) from their Cody player, who scored multiple perfect rounds! This player, along with Lambton’s Necalli player Hacin, took the qualifier by storm and beat out entire teams solo. Based on their character selection, I can tell where they got their team name “The Gorillas” from.

As the CSL local qualifier season for Street Fighter V continues, excitement is growing for the next wave of competition. I can’t wait to see what other teams throughout the US and beyond have been cooking up in the lab for their upcoming opponents! With 11 more local qualifiers left, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to tune in for upcoming qualifiers and matches!


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