CSL Street Fighter V Circuit for 2019-2020

Street Fighter V joins the battle CSL this year! Making their collegiate circuit debut, SFV crews will be featured at Local Qualifiers along with Smash and the throughout rest of the CSL Fighting Game Circuit to compete for $15,000 in scholarships!

We're also incredibly excited to announce that registration is FREE this year for the circuit; no team fees means whether you’re new or a seasoned competitor, there is no barrier to join!

The Circuit will begin in October with 19 local qualifiers across North America. The top 2 of each will advance to Regionals. The winners of those events will advance to Divisionals. There will be four Divisional tournaments and the winner of each will advance to Nationals. 

In addition to travel support between Locals and Divisionals, we have a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs!

Entry Fee (for local qualifiers): FREE

If you're returning to CSL again, read this over as a refresher. Alternatively, if you are new to CSL as a player, coordinator, coach, or faculty, these are helpful bits of information for you. For complete details, please read the rules page linked below as well! For any additional questions, you can reach us at [email protected]


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