StarCraft 2018-2019 Season Details!

It's the 10th Anniversary of CSL and we wouldn't feel right if we didn't give some love to StarCraft 2! Our format is staying the same as in previous years: following the old proleague style format with 3 1v1 matches, a 2v2 match, and a possible ACE match if the score is tied 2-2. We hope to see as many StarCraft teams and players as possible -- help us show that SC2 is not in fact a #deadgame.

Season Details 

We'll be running one season that spans the school year. Teams will be placed into groups roughly following their geographic regions. There will be multiple teams from the same school allowed this year. The group stage will feature one weekly match through the fall semester, and again in the Spring semester. The top teams will advance to a single elimination playoff bracket at the end of the season! Teams will be competing for a $5,000 prize pool this year.

Notes for New Teams/Players/Organizations

If you're returning to CSL again, read this over as a refresher. Alternatively, if you are new to CSL as a player, coordinator, coach, or faculty, these are helpful bits of information for you. For complete details, please read the rules page linked below as well! For any additional questions, you can reach us at [email protected]



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