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Overwatch and Hearthstone Summer Tournaments Registration Opened

School might be out for summer, but the games are still on! CSL is hosting a series of Overwatch and Hearthstone tournaments during the Summer with a $4,000 and $2,000 prize pool, respectively. Win some cool cash while honing your skills with your collegiate team!

Registration Info

There will be a total of (5) one-day tournaments for each game spread throughout the Summer (see schedule below). Each tournament will be a simple bracket and will play out entirely on the same day as opposed to the normal long CSL season format! There will be a maximum cap of (16) slots for each bracket/tournament, so register ASAP!

Registration is open from now until the end of the Thursday before each tournament; registration is FREE and teams may elect to participate in as few or as many tournaments as they would like - each tournament is an independent event so registration for each is also independent.

There is no limit to the amount of registered teams per school, but each player may only play for 1 team, similarly to any CSL Division 2 leagues.

Compile your rosters (or use an existing team) by registering/verifying your CSL player accounts, creating your team and adding your teammates, and enroll your team under each separate tournament under the TOURNAMENTS tab of the website. Direct links: Overwatch Tournaments and Hearthstone Tournaments.

*Note* - Due to the limited bracket size, priority will be given to teams who did not play in the immediately preceding tournament and then by registration time after that. Additionally, if a team registers and forfeits after being placed in the bracket, they will immediately be moved to the bottom of each registration list for all remaining Summer tournaments.

Prize Pool

Prize pools are split up as follows:

OW - $4,000 total

HS - $2,000 total

Tournament Details

There will be a total of (5) tournaments, each with an independent bracket and registration process. If you want to participate in all of them, you are free to, however do remember that you need to enroll your team in each individual tournament!

Tournament Dates:

Each tournament will begin at the usual CSL start time of 12pm PST and will run for several hours until the bracket is finished the same day.

General Rules

All normal CSL rules and eligibility requirements are in effect; players who are currently taking full time courses during the Summer, are continuing full time students, or graduated during the 2017-2018 school year (after Fall/Winter/Spring quarters/semesters) are eligible to compete during the Summer. Specific rules and major details are listed on each game's respective rules page, with only minor edits potentially needing to be made. Direct links: OW Rules and HS Rules.

Tournament is online only, bracket-only, and continuous play. 

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected] and [email protected] for more information. A tournament admin will also be available at all default match times by email or live through DISCORD in the OW/HS Tournament Help chats.

Make sure to register soon and keep up with our social media channels for updates! GLHF to all teams.

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