There’s a lot to be grateful for, especially the friends and family we’ve made through esports.

Now’s the time to show appreciation for all the people in our lives and win free prizes along the way. Tagsgiving is here, so let’s dig in!

TLDR; Tag friends on Twitter and Instagram based on different themes each day to win $25 Amazon gift cards for both of you!


How to Win

  1. Find the daily Tagsgiving prompt on Twitter and Instagram. Each prompt will have a different theme for who to tag.

  2. Respond to the post and tag someone who fits that Tagsgiving prompt’s theme. e.g. Tag @CSLDuran if the prompt says “Tag your favorite CSL CEO!” (Because he's the only CSL CEO...)

  3. Follow @CStarleague, and ensure the person you tagged is also following @CStarleague. In order to win, both the tagger and the person tagged must be followers. If not, we’ll select new winners.




We're grateful to all of you for being a part our esports family, and we hope you'll share your gratitude for the people in your lives through Tagsgiving as well!

Give thanks. Win prizes. Happy Tagsgiving!



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