Press Release

Twitch Badges and Emotes are here!

Due to popular demand we have formatted our channel with subscriber emotes and badges starting today across both our Twitch channels. We hope it’s a fun step forward to recognize our die-hard supporters and create another opportunity for our community to support the CSL.

TL;DR: Each channel will have 3 base emotes, and badges to represent your dedication to supporting the CSL.

$4.99 sub

$9.99 sub

$4.99 sub

$9.99 sub



Sub Packages

To thank you for your support we’re going to be doing some giveaways to our Twitch subs. These are just some of the things you can look forward too in the future with many more to come!



  • Sub Emotes/Badges/Discord specific category/Community and Sub games priority.

  • Access to future giveaways.


  • Merch or gaming gear giveaway. First giveaway will be after our 2018 finals (~May)


  • Automatcically entered to win a CSL Merch Package (~November)

  • Special 1 year sub package, to be announced closer to 2019

See you all on Twitch!


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