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Kent State is (almost) a Varsity Esports School published a piece today about the exciting developments happening on campus at Kent State to solidify a varsity esports program! We thought it would be a great share for you to read, so make sure to click on over to the article here.

"We really think [an esports program] is going to help our students feel attached to the university in a similar way that athletics help athletes feel like their part of the university. ... These kids are so excited to be representing the university, so it has a lot to do with attachment to place and feeling proud of Kent State." Tim Pagliari, project manager of KSU's esports says in the article. We here at CSL absolutely agree!

Kent State will also be hosting an esports tournament on campus April 6-7th, so students should mark their calendars to get involved.


Are you a student at Kent State? How do you feel about more Mid American Conference schools getting involved in esports? You can always shoot us your thoughts on Twitter!


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