2020 Update: Move to Discord for CSL

As we welcome the new decade, we also welcome Discord as our preferred communication platform for CSL starting in 2020. If you haven't yet, join the CSL Discord server today to stay up to date with all the latest league announcements and connect with the CSL and collegiate gaming community! You can join at discord.gg/csl

Important note! While we encourage everyone to, all coordinators must add their Discord username to their CSL profiles if they haven't already, as all communication with other teams will be taking place on Discord moving forward. Don't forget Discord usernames not only include the tag but the # and 4 numbers after it (i.e. Username#1234).

For those who may not have utilized Discord before, Discord is a free-to-download communication software that is PC, Mac, and mobile-friendly. Discord is one of the world’s most commonly used chatting platforms for gamers, with a daily active user count of 14 million with 315 million messages exchanged daily. Be sure to download Discord not just for your desktop, but for your mobile device too!

If you have not used Discord before: 

1. Download the Discord app

2. Register a Discord account then login

3. Head to discord.gg/csl and click "Join"

4. Once you've joined the server, the first channel you will see is the #instructions channel. This channel shows how to be tagged with your game to unlock the relevant game channels.

5. Head to the #unlock-channels channel in the list on the left and type .iam [Game Name] to unlock your game's channels. Then happy chatting!


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