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February 2




Date & Time: February 2, 2020 at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET)

Prizing: 1st place: $100

Game Mode: Conquest

Format: Double Elimination; 1v1; Standard, Best of 5 wth one ban; one game advantage to upper bracket player in Grand Finals. No bracket reset.

  • Each participant must prepare a total of four (4) Standard decks, each from a separate class. Decks do not need to be submitted in advance.
  • Before each Match, Entrants must communicate their decks to their opponent and choose one of their opponent’s decks to ban.
  • Participants must win one Game with each of their unbanned decks to win the Match. Once a deck has won a Game, it cannot be played again by the participant for the reminder of the Match. If a participant loses a Game with a deck, they may re-use the same deck or switch to a different unbanned deck of their choice.
  • Participants must communicate their classes/decks to each other prior to the start of each Match, but individual Game picks will be blind.
  • Any participant that attempts to use a banned class/deck, or a class/deck that has already been used to win a Game during a Match, will forfeit the current Game.

Eligibility: All participants must adhere to the eligibility guidelines posted here. Each school may field more than one team, if space is available. Players may only participate on one team for the duration of the tournament.

Gameplay Rules: Other standard tournament rules, available here, will apply.

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