GameStop Weeklies | Hearthstone

February 9




Date & Time: February 9, 2020 at 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET)

Prizing: 1st place: $100

Game Mode: Conquest

Format: Double Elimination; 1v1; Conquest, Standard, Best of 5 with one ban; one game advantage to upper bracket player in Grand Finals. No bracket reset.

  • Each participant must prepare a total of four (4) Standard decks, each from a separate class. Decks do not need to be submitted in advance.
  • Before each Match, Entrants must communicate their decks to their opponent and choose one of their opponent’s decks to ban.
  • Participants must win one Game with each of their unbanned decks to win the Match. Once a deck has won a Game, it cannot be played again by the participant for the reminder of the Match. If a participant loses a Game with a deck, they may re-use the same deck or switch to a different unbanned deck of their choice.
  • Participants must communicate their classes/decks to each other prior to the start of each Match, but individual Game picks will be blind.
  • Any participant that attempts to use a banned class/deck, or a class/deck that has already been used to win a Game during a Match, will forfeit the current Game.

Eligibility: All participants must adhere to the eligibility guidelines posted here. Each school may field more than one player, if space is available.

Gameplay Rules: All rules listed above will supersede those on the Hearthstone "Rules" page (here). Other standard tournament rules, including eligibility, will still apply.

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