Press Release

uLoL Campus Series 2017 Season Details

We’re happy to announce the uLoL Campus Series launch with this fully comprehensive post. Read on to get all the season setup information you’ll need to feel prepared for the battles ahead!

Distribution and setup

Groups were seeded based on Riot’s MMR pull in zigzag/snake fashion. You can access the groups by clicking on the Standings page.

Groups of 5-6, with top 2 advancing to Ro32 regional playoff bracket using standard reverse seeding (highest seed vs lowest seed)

General schedule and match setup

Other Notes



The Standings Page link was a dead link for me. Not sure if it's working for anyone else. Thanks!

almost 3 years ago


It's dead for me as well.

almost 3 years ago


No standings to see the groups :(

almost 3 years ago


Also dead for me

almost 3 years ago


the link for standings page is

almost 3 years ago


riot sent all of the uLol info to our old club president and we missed the sign up date

almost 3 years ago

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