League of Legends Recap: Holiday Mayhem

The last few games have wrapped up, so it’s time for another League of Legends recap! The standings have changed quite a bit from the last recap, with both surprising and not-so-surprising results. In this recap, we’ll break down teams’ performances and see where they all ended up.

Top teams in the region:

University of New Mexico: 5-1(10-2)

University of California, Irvine: 5-1(10-3)

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona: 6-0(12-1)

Halfway through the season, we had four teams that were completely undefeated in the southwest region, but that has changed. The only team with an undefeated game record is California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Pomona has been in our top 10 list before, and if they keep up their successful streak of wins, they will definitely be there for many weeks to come. Just looking at their record, they are without a doubt the most successful team in the southwest.


There are two other teams that are the top of their respective divisions: the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Irvine. Both of these schools are proven contenders, and despite both of them possessing a game loss, they still remain at the top of their divisions and could easily stay there if they keep up their current form. Looking into the future, the southwest’s real competitor is going to be Pomona, the only team without a game loss. There are many other teams that remain completely undefeated and probably won’t lose until playoffs in the spring. Pomona can and will make it far in the playoffs, but the odds of a southwestern team becoming CSL champs is going to be quite a difficult task.

Top teams in the region:

North Carolina State University: 7-0(14-1)

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill: 6-0(12-1)

Florida State University: 6-0(12-0)

Although only two divisions exist in the Southeast, there are quite a few powerful teams in this region. Unlike the Southwest, three teams in the southeast remain undefeated. All three of these teams are strong competitors and will definitely be feared teams come the playoffs in the spring. In southeast 2, North Carolina State University remains far above the rest at 7-0 with a 14-1 game score. They will almost certainly finish at the top of southeast 2. Conversely, in southeast 1, two undefeated teams remain: the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Florida State University. These two teams can’t both remain undefeated the entire season, and one of them will receive their first match loss on January 25th when they face each other. Despite this inevitability, both schools host very good teams that will be looking to place near the top come the spring playoffs.

Top teams in the region:

Louisiana State University: 6-0(12-2)

University of Texas at San Antonio: 6-0(12-1)

University of Houston: 6-0(12-2)

University of Texas at Austin: 6-0(12-0)

South central also only has two divisions, yet they somehow have even more undefeated teams than the southeast. Apparently Texans know how to play League of Legends! First off, only one team remains undefeated in south central 2, and that is Louisiana State University. Looking to replicate their excellent football team, this school has a fantastic roster that has already beaten their hardest competition, so look for this team to remain at the top of their division. They do have 2 game losses, but I could still see this team making it far in the playoffs if they push and improve. Moving onto south central 1, this division is an absolute bloodbath. Not one, not two, but three teams remain at 6-0 after the end of the fall games! The University of Texas at San Antonio, the University of Houston, and the University of Texas at Austin are all 6-0. All of these teams are highly successful, but only one can remain completely undefeated. 

If you’re looking for some exciting CSL action once the winter break is over, look no further than south central 1. [The second scavenger hunt code word is: you] During the first week back, we’ll be treated to the battle of Texas universities as UofT at Austin takes on UofT at San Antonio. After such a long and successful run in the loser’s bracket last year, I’ve put a lot of stock in UofT at Austin, but thanks to the strength of their roster, San Antonio can easily match them. A week later, the University of Houston will challenge the University of Texas at Austin. The two weeks after winter break is going to be brutal for Austin, as it contains two of the hardest matches they will have to play all year. However, if they come out of both of those matches as winners, I could easily see them placing top 3 in CSL this year, and potentially winning it all. I’m so excited to see how it all pans out!

Top teams in the region:

University of British Columbia: 6-0(12-1)

Simon Fraser University: 5-1(11-2)

Only one division is needed to fit all of our northwest teams, yet this division houses two of the best teams CSL has to offer. As I was writing the first recap, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University were about to play their match to determine who would be the top team in the northwest division. The match did not disappoint: in the end, UBC topped SFU 2-1. Currently, UBC sits atop of the power rankings, with some definitively top-tier players and a lot of skill. However, SFU is not far behind them, and despite losing to UBC, they should still definitely be looking to place far in the playoffs this year. If you want to watch some top-tier CSL League of Legends, definitely keep an eye out for any game featuring SFU and UBC!

Northeast 5-8

Top teams in the region:

Algonquin College: 6-0(13-1)

University of Toronto: 6-0(12-0)

State University of New York - Stony Brook: 6-0(12-1)

University of Massachusetts Lowell: 6-0(12-0)

State University of New York - Binghamton: 6-0(12-0)

The northeast is by far the largest region in CSL. It’s so large that we had to split it into two separate sections because there are just so many great teams! For the latter 4 divisions, five undefeated teams remain. In fact, three of these schools haven’t even lost a single game, winning all of their matches 2-0. Northeast 8 is currently led by Algonquin College, as it has been the entire season. Their real challenge will come when they face Carleton University, but that won’t happen until the last game of the season, so expect Algonquin to top northeast 8 for a while now. Moving onto northeast 7, the University of Toronto is the leader with a solid 12-0 game score. They’ve been on the top 10 CSL list before, and they shouldn’t fall down anytime soon. Northeast 6 is currently led by State University of New York - Stony Brook. This was one of the most successful teams of last season, and they’re continuing their dominance this season by staying on top of northeast 6. Finally, northeast 5 is occupied by two undefeated 12-0 teams: the University of Massachusetts - Lowell and State University of New York - Binghamton. Both of these teams have exceptional rosters, and the leader of Northeast 5 will be decided on January 18th when these two powerhouses clash.

Northeast 1-4

Top teams in the region:

University of Waterloo: 6-0(12-3)

Ryerson University: 6-0(12-1)

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology: 5-0(10-0)

Michigan State University: 6-0(12-0)

Indiana University - Bloomington: 6-0(12-3)

Illinois Wesleyan University: 6-0(12-0)

Moving onto the next four northeast divisions, there are even more powerhouse teams. Starting in northeast four, we have last year’s runner-up, the University of Waterloo. Waterloo made an immaculate loser’s run in last year’s playoffs, and they made it all the way to the finals where they lost to Robert Morris University. Despite quite a few game losses, Waterloo has yet to actually lose a series. Their big test will be on February 1st when they face the other undefeated team in their division, Ryerson University. Ryerson has also had a history of success in CSL: they’ve made it a decent way into the playoffs, but they fell much shorter than Waterloo. Both of these teams are very talented, and it’ll be a great series to watch. Moving onto northeast 3, only one team remains undefeated, and boy oh boy do they have a roster. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is coached by ex-LCS support Xpecial, and features many challenger players such as FrostForest and ShorterACE. Just looking at the ranks of these players should send chills down the spines of their opponents, and they will undoubtedly finish first in northeast 3.

In northeast 2, the top team is another resident of our top 10 list: the talented Michigan State University. MSU is 12-0, and they’ve looked unbeatable in the games they’ve played. Finally, the last two undefeated teams in the northeast divisions are both in northeast 1. They are Indiana University - Bloomington and Illinois Wesleyan University. Both teams are undefeated, but that won’t last long. The first match back for these teams, which takes place on January 11th, will be against each other. The winner of this match will likely be the victor of northeast 1, and you won’t want to miss it.

Top teams in the region

University of Delaware: 6-0(12-0)

Johns Hopkins University: 6-0(12-1)

There are two divisions in the east, and two undefeated teams remain. In east 2, the University of Delaware sits at an incredible 12-0 game score. Delaware has been dominant the whole season, and it looks like they will finish first in east 2. How far they will be able to go is still up in the air, but judging by their game record, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them go very far in the playoffs. Finally, we have one of the best teams in CSL, Johns Hopkins University. JHU was one of the best teams last season in CSL, despite falling flat near the end of the season. JHU is looking for revenge, and they have torn through their division and sit at 6-0 currently.

Top teams in the region:

Columbia College (Missouri): 6-0(12-1)

Depaul University: 6-0(12-2)

Last but certainly not least, we have the central division. Despite having three divisions, there are only two teams that remain undefeated. One of the teams featured here is Columbia College, one of the absolute best teams collegiate esports has to offer. Columbia features many famous, challenger-level players like NintendudeX, Papachau, and MistyStumpey. They are currently 6-0, and it would be a shock to see them lose a game. As of right now, they are considered one of the frontrunners in the tournament. Finally, we have one more undefeated team: DePaul University in central 2. DePaul is also 6-0, and though they are ranked lower than Columbia, they are still a very talented and high-ranked squad. 


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