Press Release

Overwatch and Hearthstone Seasons Cancelled

To the CSL community,


We regret to inform you all that this season we will not be hosting an Overwatch or Hearthstone league. We were very happy with the feedback about Hearthstone last year and have received many requests for Overwatch and were excited to provide that to you all. Unfortunately, we’ve been informed by Blizzard that due to their plans for competitive leagues this year, we are unable to host leagues for Overwatch or Hearthstone. We apologize to our teams/players who were excited to compete in those games this year.


We still have leagues for CS:GO, Dota 2, StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Vainglory! We are working on some alternative plans to provide opportunities for students in Overwatch and Hearthstone on the CSL site and hope to provide some options in the next few weeks. It won’t happen overnight and may take some time to set up additional features, but we’ll continue to communicate with you all through the process. In the meantime, we have a scrims feature of the website that allows you to create matches against other teams. This could be a great way to start practicing and get ready for some great events this year!


We’re always open to suggestions or feedback - so please feel free to send us any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas you might have to [email protected] and we will be sure to consider them.


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