Florida Local Qualifier: Melee

February 23




United States


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Hey college Smashers!

The folks over at Collegiate Starleague are delighted to present the first tier of qualifying tournaments for the 2018-2019 season. The prize pool for national finals is $15,000 each for Melee and Ultimate, so you're not gonna want to miss out!

This round of competition is open to all schools for 5v5 crews as part of the annual circuit, and to the general public for a bonus 1v1 singles bracket for fun/competition/cash. Season registration is now open at http://cstarleague.com/smash/circuit !

Eligibility rules are more thoroughly explained on the CSL site, but basically, anyone who's taking three or more courses at an accredited college or university is allowed to participate. This includes graduate students too!

All 5v5 teams must be comprised of 5-10 students from the same school.

The winning school for each game at this local qualifier will be invited to divisional championships later in the spring, where they'll be pitted against the top schools from Atlantic South, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas, the nearest neighboring localities. The winner of divisionals is invited to national finals at Shine 2019.

Teams that qualify for divisionals and nationals will also be awarded travel stipends based on proximity to the next event to assist them in reaching the next round of competition.

Event details:

Stream: twitch.tv/cstarleague

Venue fee: TBD
5v5 entry cost: $25 (online registration only)
1v1 entry cost: $5 (collected in person)

Check-in - 11:00 AM
Ultimate 5v5 and Melee 1v1 start - 12:00 PM
Melee 5v5 and Ultimate 1v1 start - 5:00 PM

All teams MUST PREREGISTER AND PAY online for 5v5 in advance of the event date.

1v1 signups will occur in person at the event, but entrants MUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT on cstarleague.com to be eligible.


We're so excited for this event, and we hope you are too! If you have any questions, feel free to direct them to [email protected], @MaxKetchum_ or @TorontoJoe on Twitter, or to your regional director Lake Spangler!


University of Central Florida

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