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Clemson University Players Banned

Clemson University Junior Varsity Dota team Clemson University A Team's players "Dotato""Mayan Ryan""YLdota""swagswagswagswagswagswag""jbell2625", and "Hidden1" have been issued an official disqualification after a thorough review by CSL.

After receiving an accusation and the evidence from their opponent, Liberty University's team, LU Red, regarding both a possible BM/chat interaction violation as well as usage of an illegal player not associated with Clemson University, "Desmond Daniel Gheesling", we contacted the Clemson University team, Clemson University A Team. Upon being approached with the accusation and evidence, the Clemson coordinator, Charles Key III "Dotato", admitted to using an ineligible player as an illegal stand-in.

In order to verify no further illegal or ineligible players as outlined in the rules, we requested the applicable player verification documents from the Clemson team, however the coordinator confirmed that none of the players on the roster were willing to comply with the verification. Additionally, upon verifying their names and emails with the university directory, most of the players were also found to have possibly falsified their info.


Due to using an illegal player and both using false information and their subsequent refusal to comply with CSL admins in verifying player eligibility as outlined in the rules, the following penalties will be incurred:

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Hey can you guys remove my name from this? I have no connection to clemson and i go to KSU. My name is johnny fevola and if needed i can contact by email

over 1 year ago

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