Week 4 Power Rankings

The usual way we do power rankings is list the top 10 teams from first to tenth. This week we’ll be doing things slightly differently, since we’re only 4 weeks in and many of these teams have identical records. This will still be a top 10, but the order doesn’t matter as much as it does usually.

The first team on our list is Ohio State University, with an impressive 8-1 record in games. With only 2 series left to play in the first half of the season, they’re looking like the favorites to top their group.

Next on the list is University of British Columbia, with the same 8-1 game record as Ohio. Despite having a new roster with only one returning player, UBC are starting the season well. UBC’s next 2 series are against Universities of Wisconsin and Arizona State, both of which have been tough adversaries in the past.

Third for no particular reason is University of Georgia with another 8-1 game record. Georgia’s sole game loss was to UT Austin, a team that graced many power rankings in the past. With 3 more series to play out in this half of the season, Georgia might yet be dethroned, but they’re looking inviolable for now.

University of Wisconsin Madison is fourth on the list, even though they’re probably as good as the other teams with identical 8-1 records. With only 2 more series to be played in this first half of the season, Wisconsin are looking good to finish top 2 of their group. Wisconsin battle UBC this weekend, with the victor claiming #1 seed of the group.

University of California Santa Cruz is fifth of the 8-1 teams not because I dislike them, but someone has to be fifth in a top 10. Santa Cruz’s next 3 series are against UC Davis, UC San Diego, and UC Berkeley, and if they can defeat all three I promise to reserve them a spot in all future power rankings.

Sixth on the list is Carleton University, the last of the teams with an 8-1 game record. All of the teams in Carleton’s group have an inflated record due to McGill forfeiting the rest of the season, and they have yet to play University of Toronto or University of McMaster. Carleton might be top dog for now, but I expect that to change by the end of the month. If they beat out Toronto and McMaster, I’ll happily eat my words and save them a future power ranking spot as well.

Surprisingly, seventh on our list is last season’s champions, Rochester Institute of Technology. It isn’t like RIT is playing poorly- their game record of 8-3 doesn’t really mean that much- even though it is technically worse than 8-1. RIT is still #1 in their group and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Southern Methodist University is eighth on the list and is currently undefeated, although one of their series yes yet to be concluded. While some might consider 7-0 to be better than 8-3 or even 8-1, I do not. Take pride in your undefeated streak SMU, it’d be great to see it continue!

University of Toronto and University of Michigan are the last two teams of this top 10, and they can share the 9th spot. Both teams have an undefeated record of 6-0, which might be 8-0 but it appears that both teams have rescheduled a match. Both teams have historically been solid in the past and I hope to see that continue.

Honorable mentions go to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and Stony Brook, who did not make the cut. UC Berkeley fell shy because there can only be 10 teams and they were 11th on my list, UC Davis’ record of 6-1 is technically worse than 6-0, and Stony Brook had the misfortune of playing against RIT.


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