Ownage and Ongoings

Four weeks of collegiate combat has brought us the makings for potentially the most exciting collegiate season to date. Teams have returned after overcoming their flaws from the previous season to demonstrate that they have what it takes to make it to the LAN finals. New teams have joined to prove their worth against the veterans. Unlike Alliance and Newbee, Rochester Institute of Technology (4 - 0) have not lost any momentum after their victory on stage. To make sure no one falls behind on the excitement, we have a recap of this week’s ownage and ongoings for each group:


Two teams topping the North after returning after a playoff performance last year, Carleton University (4 - 0) and the University of Toronto (3 - 0). The UofT Underdogs have not lost a match since their face off against a Grand Finalist in last season’s playoffs.  While the University of Toronto has yet to lose a game, they also have yet to play their fourth match.

Queen’s University (3 - 1) may be a new face in the CSL, but the Gaels are no stranger to success. The Gales loss is to U of T, but one of their wins is against McMaster University (2 - 2), a LAN finalist. There is a lot of talent in the North, but not enough room for everyone to be a winner. McMaster is battling to prove that last year was not a fluke, and Queens is demonstrating that they have what it takes to play with the best of them.


Rochester Institute of Technology (4 - 0) is still utterly clueless about what losing a match feels like. RIT was undefeated last season and has continued their streak into this year. This titan has yet to stop, but RIT has been slowed down by most of their competition this year. Rutgers University (2 - 2) has returned after working out issues which caused them to fail to qualify for the LAN finals last year. Opening the season, the RU Bus Drivers took a game off or RIT. Although the match did not go in their favour, Rutgers has shown they have the potential to defeat an immortal team.

The State University of New York - Stony Brook (3 - 1) has claimed second place in the group. SBU’s placement beside RIT is not surprising. SBU and RIT spent time together on LAN last year. Unfortunately, we were denied a match between SBU and RIT because they did not meet on LAN. With how the East group is looking, we may have a chance to see these two teams showdown live this year.


In the South, University of Georgia’s The Chainfeeders (4 - 0) have feasted on their opposition. Georgia is undefeated, dropping their only match against the UT Austin Longhorns (2 - 2). Georgia is not safe atop their throne, however - Southern Methodist University is 3 and 0 and has not lost a single game. If SMU continues their winning streak, their perfect score will put them into first place, dethroning the University of Georgia.


Ohio State University is working their way through the competition in the Midwest, currently 4 and 0. The University of Illinois at Chicago has tarnished OSU’s flawless run and came closer to defeating them than any other team so far. Similarly to the South, if University of Michigan, Ann Arbor wins their next match 2 to 0, they will usurp OSU and sit convincingly in first place in the Midwest.


University of Calgary Dinos (1 - 2) have thrown their red, black and gold bookstore-sweatpants into the Division 1 arena. U of C demonstrated their ability to dominate in Division 2 last year when they qualified for playoffs. Their slightly altered roster is fighting to find their footing in the most competitive division, finding some success when they won their match against Washington State University (0 - 4).

The former grand champions, University of British Columbia (4 - 0) is tied with the University of Wisconsin - Madison (4 - 0). University of British Columbia failed to qualify for the LAN finals last year and therefore they could not defend their title - it looks like they do not intend to have that happen again.


Three playoff teams lead the West division: University of California, Santa Cruz (4 - 0), University of California, Davis (3 - 0) and University of California, Berkeley (3 - 0).

UCD Aggies are the returning Grand Finalists, while UCSC Slithery Slimy Sexy Slugs and UCB Cal Dota crew were both eliminated early on. UCSC has yet to play the Aggies, but they are currently leading them on score. Cal Dota has both of the other teams in their sights, waiting to play them in the coming weeks. The outcome of the matches between these three schools will brand some teams as winners and others as future-observers.

Success is the CSL is found by teams that learn to work and improve together. The first few weeks set the pace, but they do not decide the victors. Two returning competitors, University of California, Los Angeles (2 - 2) and University of California, San Diego (1 - 2) made an appearance in playoffs last year. Both of these schools are off to a rocky start, but they are proven and prepared to recover.

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