CSL's Dota 2 Grand Finals Are In Sight

It’s happening! CSL’s Grand Finals will be happening, and Dota 2 is included. It’s been a rough few months for basically everyone alive, especially for those of us that are interested in activities outside of our homes. Instead of talking about that--because let me tell you, I’ve had all I can take of that topic and I go out of my way to avoid the news--let’s take a look at the upcoming Grand Finals!

Our first Grand Finals team is none other than the University of Illinois at Chicago, who has punched their ticket with a shiny 2-0 feather in their cap. With the exception of a single loss to The Ohio State University back in early February, UIC has completely dominated everyone that they’ve played against this season. Okay, I’ll say it: UIC is the best team of the season and will likely win the grand finals as well. I’m sure their coordinator Michael “gocolts12” Lederer is going to screenshot this and bring it up for literally years to come.

Let’s take a look at the remaining teams in the rest of the bracket. The University of Toronto will be waiting for the winner of the University of Waterloo and Stony Brook University match, which will definitely be explosive this coming weekend. Toronto was previously undefeated before their series against UIC, and that 2-0 result may have surprised them most of all. SBU and Waterloo also have very good records all season, but let’s disregard that and focus on the playoffs. SBU was sent to the lower bracket by Waterloo in the quarterfinals; Waterloo then lost to UIC in the semi-finals. Back in March, we were hyping up SBU vs UIC, ignoring the fact that Waterloo is a great team, so it’s almost like every team wants a piece of UIC.

The upper bracket matches are already done, and the lower ones will take place on May 23. So with more matches to be played soon, so we’ll have more to discuss once they resolve. Make sure to come back to see updated forecasts of the series to come, and tune into our Twitch channel on May 30-31 for all the Grand Finals content you can handle!


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