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Register for DOTA 2 2018-2019 league now!

Registration for the Collegiate DOTA 2 League is LIVE from now through October 6. Grab a friend from your school and enter for a shot at $30,000 in prizes and a trip to the CSL Finals!

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Now Live: Winter Wonderslam!

With winter break upcoming and this season finishing, we are happy to announce the Winter Wonderslam! Join us as we host multiple events for various games during the month of December. More details for each game in Winter Wonderslam can be found below!


The Official CSL December 2019 Power Rankings

After long weeks of games, we've reached the pivotal point of the CSL season. The top teams have been crowned, but it's no time for them to rest. Winter Invitational is coming up; they have to keep their skills up if they're going to compete with the best of the best.


Giving Thanks to Icefrog: Patch 7.20

If you haven't heard, this patch is the largest update yet in the history of DotA. A deal big enough for Purge to do an 8 hour video on it. But who got time for that? Check out this - uh - relatively condensed review to get up to speed!


Clemson University Players Banned

Clemson University JV Dota team removed and multiple roster members banned for using an illegal player and refusing to comply with player eligibility verification

Csl div 0

Division 0/S is now live!

We are excited to announce the start of Division 0 and Division S, which both run from now through December 8th! Division 0 and Division S are hubs through Faceit that incorporate both competitive and casual matches.


Week 4 Power Rankings

Returning titans and new blood challengers: who will take the ranks? In this article we ranked the top 10 teams of CSL DotA so far. Don't see your team? Well win games and prove your worth!

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Top Ten Colleges

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University of British Columbia

2500 3

University of toronto

1600 3

University of Connecticut

1500 3

University de Montreal

1400 3

CUNY Baruch

1200 3

Maryville University

1200 3

Rochester Institute of Technology

1150 3

University of Waterloo

1050 3

Robert Morris University, Chicago

1000 3

University of California, Irvine

1000 3
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