CSL CS:GO Grand Finals: Poly vs. SJSU

By Nathan Chartrand


It's all over! The inaugural season of CSL CS:GO ended with a bang this Sunday as Poly and SJSU faced each other in the LAN finals at DreamHack. Unfortunately, we can't have two winners, and it was SJSU that came out on top in the end.


Poly chose Dust 2 as their map, while SJSU chose Cache. It's well known that Cache is SJSU's strongest map, so the pressure was on for Poly to perform on Dust.

Things started positively for Poly. Pistol rounds were a strong point for them throughout all of the games, and they found themselves up 7 – 2 in no time. Things didn't stay positive for the Kings of the North, however, and they began to give up a lot of rounds that should have been in the bag. The team was disappointed in their performance, stating that miscommunication and simple misplays were abnormally constant. Things wouldn't recover for the team, and the first map ended in a 16 – 11 victory for SJSU.


On Cache, it was simply a massacre. Poly attempted some wild plays, like a blender that saw them run from one site to another several times in hopes of confusing SJSU, but it was obvious that they knew it was over. The classic SJSU shouting and trash talking was growing with each victory, as they knew it was simply a matter of time until they held their gold medals. In the end, it was a 16 – 6 victory on Cache that would crown our champions.


SJSU has been through a lot this season with close losses and roster changes, which makes their win even more satisfying. The team even celebrated by going out and getting themselves some Texas BBQ!



And with that, we are done. Catch the VODs on and stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more. See you all next season!



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