The CS:GO Grand Finals: A Wild Ride

Watch the full macthes HERE

Wow--talk about an exciting Grand Finals! It was clear from the first match that the University of California, Santa Cruz and and the University of Central Florida were perfect rivals and would not leave the (virtual) stage without putting on a show. Ready? FIGHT!

The first map of the BO5 was Vertigo, which was UCSC’s pick. Up until the second half, both teams were within one round of each other and refused to let the other get any sort of advantage. When the score was 8-8, UCF turned it up to eleven and only dropped one round in that second half. After an almost flawless last round, UCF took the first game 16-9. The overall score was now 1-1, since the winner’s side starts with a +1 score advantage.

The second map was Overpass and was picked by UCF. They had a bit of a head start, bringing the game to a score of 4-1 before UCSC had enough and took the next few rounds, eventually getting a 13-7 advantage over UCF. UCF got a bit upsetti spaghetti when they realized what was happening and decided to send UCSC back to the beach (get it, ‘cause Santa Cruz has a beach, haha). A couple rounds later, UCSC had no choice but to sunbathe in their loss as char clutched a 1v1 and made the overall score 2-1 for UCF.

The third map was Nuke. It was UCSC’s pick, but maybe it shouldn’t have been. You’d think UCF was born on Nuke, because they had no problem figuring out UCSC’s strategies and nuked them out of the first half. After a bit of back-and-forth and a few nail-biting traded rounds, John ”yohan” Lee was the last player alive for UCSC. Despite a valiant effort, he fell to Caleb “Chilled_Dan” Greek’s USP-S. That fight marked a 3-1 score and an overall victory for UCF in the CSL CS:GO Collegiate Grand Finals 2020. Cue the confetti!


Overall, it was a super fun final to watch. These two teams were extremely competitive and a great match for each other. UCF will take home the grand prize of $20,000, with $10,000 going to UCSC in second place, $6,000 to Robert Morris University in third, and $4,000 to Virginia Commonwealth in fourth place. This season was full of exciting matches and surprising upsets, which makes us look forward to next season even more. Bring it on!


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