CSGO Star League Important Preseason Announcements

Star League coordinators and players: A few notes in advance of the season’s start...

  1. The CSL discount has been applied to all players that have added their ESEA profile to their CSL account. The discount should automatically be applied when you check-out.
  2. For any issues regarding your actual CSL matches, tournament issues, and game-specific questions, please email [email protected]. For questions and concerns regarding the eligibility, account issues, or other website-related items, please email [email protected] When contacting the Tournament Operations team, be sure to include context, including links to your profile, your team's page, or the match page, as needed.
  3. All matches are scheduled, by default, for Saturdays at 12:00 PM PT. If you need to reschedule your match, and your opponent agrees to do so, both team’s coordinators must submit an email to [email protected] with the revised date and time, along with screenshots that confirm the agreed upon change. Match times will not be changed unless both coordinators confirm the new timing.
    You're welcome to reschedule your matches, as needed, but all regular season Fall matches must be completed on or before December 7, 2019. Any matches that have not been reported by this time will be treated as forfeits.
  4. Since a number of teams are still completing their rosters and have not added their ESEA profiles yet, Week One matches will be played on ESEA scrim servers. Please read on below for more information, or view ESEA's FAQ here:
  5. Map vetoes should take place between coordinators on the CSL match page’s chat, by default, unless both coordinators agree to veto elsewhere (i.e. Discord). The veto process is available in the rules.

How to setup a Scrim on ESEA: 

  1. The team on the left of the CSL match page will setup the scrim. Find and join an empty scrim server through the "Server Browser" tab in the ESEA client. Wait for the rest of your teammates to join.
  2. The first person in the server will be designated as the “admin” and will be presented with the scrim setup menu once all five members are in. This can be accessed by typing “.start”. To transfer admin privileges to another member of your team, use the “.give admin” command.
  3. Set the following settings for the scrim:

    - SpecTV Demo: Public
    - Starting Side: Select the appropriate choice based on the Map Veto (Map Veto to be done on the CSL match page’s chat)
    - Map: Select the appropriate choice based on the Map Veto (Map Veto to be done on the CSL match page’s chat)
    - Pistol Rounds: Normal
    - Play All Rounds: No, Vote
    - Record Match Stats: Yes
    - Division: Any

    It is the responsibility of the team setting up the scrim to ensure that all settings, maps, sides, etc. are configured properly. Any errors may result in a forfeit, at the discretion of Tournament Administrators.
  4. Wait for the opposing team to join the server. The match will be automatically advertised on the website and on the Client for them to join. When they join type “.accept”.
  5. If a team joins that’s not your opponent type “.reject”. If you accidently reject the team you are meant to play type “.clearbans” and have them rejoin.
  6. At this point everyone "ready's up" and the match is played.


How to join a Scrim on ESEA:

  1. Open the ESEA client to the Scrim tab.
  2. When you find your opponent’s scrim server, join the server and wait to be accepted.


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