High school vs collegiate players: Who will make the grade?


The CSL is happy to have the HSL for the next two weeks join us in a series of showmatches to show off talent in both "areas of study." We will be streaming at 6pm PST/9pm EST on twitch.tv/collegiatelol, so you can decide yourself if the young upstarts from secondary school have anything on their collegiate counterparts who have been training dilligently over the past few weeks for the NACC.




Date: Tues. Feb. 11th


Cerritos HS
vs         U Washington

Mufasa - Top 
DKrupt - Jungle 
Tempname 1012 - Mid 
howtoplay - ADC 
ESG Seawon - Top
Maxfield - Jungle 
evertan - Mid 
Alliance - ADC
Haramer - Support

 Washington took the East region qualifier for the CSL seed into the North American Collegiate Championships, but only Maxfield, Haramer and Alliance return for this showmatch. Alliance mentioned that he will be using this series to "practice his Vayne." Cerritos HS won the Winter Championships, beating out 240 other teams. Their Mid Tempname 1012 is a Challenger league player. This game could go either way!




Date: Wed. Feb. 12th


Irvington HS
vs         UCSD

LotSX - Top
MonkeyDX - Jungle
Asian SGPotato - Mid
ArcusVD - ADC 
luckluck - Support
Fire Lord Iroh - Top
loldatfunny - Jungle
Made In Africa - Mid
The Lone Cheese - ADC 
llmoecrip - Support

BUZZ FACTOR: Irvington HS is one of the Top 4 HSL teams, with high ranking players and a record of good in-game decision making. UCSD likewise is one of the stronger California collegiate LoL squads, with Ben "Karmaaa" Young, the team's coordinator, even saying that he was confident that his team would represent the CSL well in this series.





Place your bets on who you think will win by commenting below!

By Theresa Gaffney

Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:29 PM

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